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Hello everyone, I am Koie, Fieldman of European hop. I would like to
report on the European hop crop in 2013.
The hop grown in Czech Republic and Germany were harvested in
August and November 2013, as well as normal years.
It was cold until late spring this year and it delayed the hop growth and
development. In Czech Republic there was a flood on hop gardens, and
in Germany there ware heavy hail storms and it damaged hop.
Subsequently in summer time, it was hot and dry, so that the climate
condition was not favorable for hop to grow vigorously.
If the hop roots dipped in water for 2 to 3 weeks, the hop plants would
get bad. Hail is also a severe climate accident for hop, which damages
its leaves and shoots. Hail storms have hit Hallertau, the main hop
growing area in Germany, several times during these 10 years, and this
year again the hop plants were hit by hail.
The climate situation this year seemed to be severe not only for hop
but also for the insects and diseases, so the damages on hop from
them were less. This would be one good topic for hop cultivation.
After the growing season described above, hop cones were harvested.
Surprisingly the finest aroma hop “Sazz” is delivered to you in Japan
already through SAPPORO, that is “Mugi to Hoppu<Zeitaku Hatsu dzumi>”
(The Barley and Hop<Luxury Prime harvest>) was just launched on
13th November, 2013.
Saaz hops just harvested this year were transferred to Japan by airplane
and brewed at SAPPORO breweries. In general, hops were processed
into pellets and extracts and stored for several months before usage,
so it is very unusual to use hops just after the harvest like this. I think
it would be unusual as well for Czech local breweries.
This year a SAPPORO young brewer, Sakurai, had been in Zatec to do
“Hop check” to assure and to select the finest Saaz hops for this
limited edition. I will describe about the “Hop check” in detail next time.
It is very “luxurious” that the flavor of Saaz hop is available at this time
of the year in Japan! The limited edition is to enable Japanese customers
to sense the hop aroma from SAPPORO’s proud corporative growers
as soon after the harvest as possible.
Normal Saaz hop, of course, has very fine aroma and crisp bitterness,
but the beauty of the primary hop is the freshness of the aroma and
we assume we can deliver the fresh aroma as if it is just harvested.
It is very common to feel nature and to enjoy the taste of seasons
in Japanese cuisine, and we hope that we could supply you the joy
of the season through beer, as well.
Next, I would like to describe about “Hop check”, the evaluation of
hop aroma.

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