[In English]Feel the Joy Before the toast! Enjoy the Both the Beauty and Flavor of Edelpils That is Poured-Three-Times.

In the previous blog entry, we have introduced the thoughts and history behind manufacturing Edelpils.

Enjoy draft beer that is ‘poured-three-times’ at the restaurants and bars

In order to be fully enjoyed, Edelpils even has the specific way of pouring.

It must be poured in by three times, as it is named “poured-three-times” in Japanese.

The first pour

The first pour must be conducted from a high position.

The height is higher than you would expect. You must patiently wait until the foam disappears. This is the distinctive and important process of poured-three-times.


The second pour

For the second pour, you must pour the beer to the rim of a glass.

You’ll need to wait again until the foam is gone. This might, however, feels very long for beer enthusiasts.

But this is crucial in bringing out the perfect flavor.

By doing so, the beer would go moderately flat. This would lower the temperature, and will result in fuller flavor.


The third pour

Finally, finish poring just before the frothy beer overflows.

When poured properly, the upper part of the foam would be extra fine. This part is called “Soufflé bubble”, and it would bring out the even richer flavor.

As you have probably guessed, you must wait until the foam settles. This means you must wait a while before you get to enjoy the beer.  But this way, you can enjoy the beer with much fuller flavor.


When you visit the bar or restaurant that carries Edlepils, please feel free to see how we serve our beer.

In Edelpils official site , also we are pleased to introduce Poured-Three-Times with movies (In Japanese only).